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Cloud based exchange platform

Digital Services Platform from GC

Cloud based exchange platform

Supporting the implementation of digital dentistry in your processes

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DSP from GC

Digital Services Platform

The GC Aadva Digital Services Platform (DSP) is an all-in-one approach for the management of your digital dentistry workflow. This cloud-based platform supports and facilitates the communication with the GC production and service teams, and also with registered external dental labs. Digital technology is one of the fastest-growing segments of the dental market worldwide and digital processes are increasingly determining everyday practice in dental offices and laboratories. GC has taken a leading role in promoting and supporting the expansion of the digital highway, as we are convinced that it will bring further progress to dentistry.

The Digital Services Platform is an integral part of GC’s digital dentistry offering. It is not only a data transfer platform, but a “single source” approach for the management of your digital dentistry workflow. This cloud based platform supports and facilitates communication with our production and services teams and registered external laboratories.
Major functions
  • Exchange platform with the GC Digital Services Team for case evaluation, CAD design and CAM production
  • Possibility to forward cases to registered 3rd party labs and their services
  • Unlimited transfer and storage of cases scanned with the Aadva IOS
  • Track & trace of all your cases
  • Account management, device management and incident management
  • Messaging center and knowledge management with information about new products, promotions, events etc
The DSP is constructed in a very user-friendly way. All major functions are available in a multi-dimensional navigation structure. At a glance you will see all your info in an intuitive way in the form of blocks:
  • My Account: all information about your device(s), contract(s) and contact information
  • My Cases: overview of your cases and their status
  • My Transactions: all information about your transactions
  • My Messages: a message centre, where all messages about status changes, requests and approvals are shown
  • My Support: a help desk function with all requests for support, together with the responses and the solutions
  • Knowledge Database: access to a series of articles, movies, tips & tricks, IFU’s, manuals and so forth

This single source concept will support the implementation in your processes because all related master data are stored in one place. At a glance you get an overview of the entire workflow with real-time status updates.
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