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Aadva Lab Scan from GC:Dental Lab Scanner for accurate digital dentistry

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:
Dental Lab Scanner for accurate digital dentistry

Scanning system with CAD open software powered by exocad®

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:Digital dentistry made easy

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:
Digital dentistry made easy

Complete open system

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:Digital dentistry made easy

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:
Digital dentistry made easy

Scanflags with unique coding

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:Digital dentistry made easy

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:
Digital dentistry made easy

Impressive scan accuracy

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:Digital dentistry made easy

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:
Digital dentistry made easy

Elegant design

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:Digital dentistry made easy

Aadva Lab Scan from GC:
Digital dentistry made easy

Wide range of accessories

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Aadva Lab Scan

Open dental lab scanner for high scan accuracy

The Aadva Lab Scan is a fully automated lab scanner using a high-end dual camera system with blue LED structured light in combination with GC’s implant scan technology. It assures the highest accuracy and extremely fast scanning.
The Lab Scan is delivered with the most complete open system software powered by exocad.

Basic configuration

  • Bar module
    Allows both fast and easy realisation of standard dental bars, as well as advanced custom bar design. Attachments or retentions can be added to the design; cylindrical holes or even arbitrary geometries can be cut out, in order to bolt or glue ready-made spherical attachments onto the bar.
  • Implant module
    With this module, custom abutments and screw-retained bridges can be designed easily and straightforward.
    When designing bridges on custom abutments, the software will ensure that all abutments holding the bridge will have the same insertion axis.
    The design of screw-retained bridges, crowns, and copings also becomes an easy task. Take advantage of our advanced screw channel design, to simplify subsequent ceramic coating and minimize risk of chipping.
  • TruSmile module
    TruSmile technology provides nearly photo-realistic rendering of dental restorations - in real time, already during the design process. In addition to providing a "What You See is What You Get" user experience, TruSmile can also become a powerful marketing tool for dentists using chair-side CAD/CAM systems - e.g. to convince a patient to get a ceramic restoration instead of a NP metal crown.
  • Preform module
    Keep your modelled shapes in a library and re-use when you need it.
  • exoscan module
    Seamless scanner integration with exocad DentalCAD.
    exoscan is a full-featured dental scanning software, designed to work with a wide variety of scanners and scan technologies. exoscan provides 100% seamless integration between scanning and CAD. Scanning and designing is done in the same application.

Advanced configuration

  • Articulator module
    Allows users to consider dynamic occlusion and dynamic articulation when designing crowns and bridges. The positioning of the stone models within the physical articulator can be precisely transferred into the software with our unique Aadva Lab Scan articulated model holder.
    Condylar angle, bennet angle, immediate side shift, can be adjusted just like on a physical articulator and can also be imported from 3rd party measurement systems through an open, XML based format.
  • DICOM viewer
    Integrated DICOM viewer that allows you to visualize voxel data from CT & CBT machines, during the design of dental restorations.
  • Model creator
    exocadʼs model creator helps you create physical models from intra-oral scan data, or impression scans. Both the design of models with detachable segments (using premanufactured bases), and the design of monolithic models (where only the prepared die is removable) are supported.
  • Provisional crown
    Individual temporary crowns and bridges can be designed using the eggshell technique. The temporaries are created based on scans of the pre-operative situation; the shape of the provisional crown/bridge can either be copied from the original anatomy or the tooth libraries can be used.
  • Bite splint module
    With the bite splint module, therapeutic night guards can be designed quickly and in high quality. We recommend to use the bite splint add-on in combination with the virtual articulator module. Output files can be both milled or 3D printed.
  • Kiosk mode
    Kiosk mode is a stand-alone tool, accessible from your exocad software. It is used to generate calibration files for the wax-up frame and the model holder, as well as to check the actual accuracy of your Scanflags. You can also check the accuracy of your milled work as well as just perform some individual scans of any object.

    The Kiosk mode gives you a diverse range of options:
    1. Accuracy report
      This option gives you the possibility to verify the accuracy of two different scans.
      You can import an STL file (eventually scanned with a different scanner) in the Kiosk mode and afterwards perform a reference scan of the same project. Now you can project both scans over each other in order to check the accuracy of both scans. At the end of the process there will be a report generated.
    2. Loose scans
      With this option you are able to create an STL file of any project you want.
    3. Scanflag validation
      This option gives you the possibility to check the accuracy of your Scanflags.
      You can take a scan of the new scan flags you received and after a while you can take a second scan. If you now import the first scan the software will give you an accuracy report of these two scans.
    4. Articulator frame calibration
      Before using the Articulator frame you will have to calibrate the frame.
    5. Wax-up frame calibration
      Before using the wax-up frame you will have to calibrate it.
    Contact for additional information.
The Aadva Lab Scan is a structured light scanner for creating digital 3D dental models by scanning dental models and impressions which can then be used in the (CAD/CAM) design, manufacture and production of dental prosthesis. The included software powered by exocad also allows the user to directly upload edited 3D models for CAD/CAM processing and manufacture.
Wide range of indications like:
  • Full Anatomic crown and bridges
  • Reduced crowns and bridges
  • Single Offsset copings
  • Inlays
  • Onlays
  • Veneers
  • Digital copy milling - wax-up
  • Bar Pillars and Bar Segments
  • Primary telescopes
Discover GC’s first server-based customer application software called GC Aadva DSP (Digital Services Platform).
The DSP is an all-in-one approach for the management of your digital dentistry workflow.
Our Digital Services Platform allows the user to:
  • Manage and store all your clinical cases
  • Connect and digitally send cases to your preferred partners
  • Easily check the status of each case
  • Connect with our GC Digital Services Team for support
  • Manage all your GC devices
  • Easily access GC news, services and products
  • Elegant design
    The sleek, contemporary styling of the scanner looks elegant but feels solid. It is designed with smooth surfaces, with as little as possible corners or angles, even at the back side and the wide opening allows for an easy access.
  • Open Dental CAD software powered by exocad
    The scanner is equipped with Aadva Dental CAD powered by exocad, the modern tool for every dental technician who wants to maximize digital dental solutions.
    • Variety of design features with automatic tooth proposals
    • Automised virtual articulation tool
    • Fully automated process for occlusion alignments
    • Advanced model builder
    • Multi-tooth chained symmetrical mirroring
    • Extensive implant bar library
    It goes without saying that the system is ready for all the next innovations...

    The Aadva Dental CAD Standard Software Pack contains all necessary modules to be able to design all types of crowns and bridges and bars, as well as implants and abutments.
    The accessories needed for these indications are available as well.
  • Wide range of accessories
    We have 12 accessories to cover a wide range of indications and digital procedures. Among others we have the impression scan holder, articulated model holder, wax-up frame, multi die holder, scanflags and scanbodies, ... all in one solution.

    Aadva Lab Scan accessories
  • Time and cost saving
    Digital dentistry is around for a few years now, and many dental technicians consider stepping into a digital workflow. The approach opens up the possibilities with regards to materials, techniques and indications. And last but not least, evidence also shows that you can significantly reduce your production cost because this approach allows you to improve your overall processes.
  • Scanflags with unique coding
    Save scanning time and gain unsurpassed precision with the unique Scanflags. The patented Aadva Lab Scan Scanflags with dots are optimizing the scan performance of implant supported constructions on most used implant systems.
    The unique dots pattern recognizes the position of the implant, the type & brand and attributes this immediately to the virtual model.
    This technique eliminates the taking of multiple scans and the matching with a scan body library needed when working with the classical scan bodies.
ManualAadva Lab Scan
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Ordering Info

Scanner Configurations

990001 / 990002 / 990003 / 990004 / 990005Aadva Lab Scan - Basic: PC Dell (screen excluded), Windows 8.1 and Software Basic v2.0, Aadva Lab Scan, Accessory Kit Basic, 2 years warranty on the Aadva Lab Scan
990425Aadva Lab Scan - Advanced: Software Advanced v2.0, Accessory Kit Advanced


990051ALS Basic Software Pack (purchase + 1 year updates)
990427ALS Advanced Software Pack (purchase + 1 year updates - Basic Software Pack not included, this is an extension)

License for Software Updates

990428ALS Basic Software Pack - licence for updates (yearly)
990429ALS Advanced Software Pack - licence for updates (yearly, Basic Software Pack license included)

Extended Warranty

9904451 year warranty extension - Aadva Lab Scan hardware

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