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New activation method

New activation method

for GCʼs capsulated restorative and luting materials

Fuji I from GC:GCʼs first glass ionomer luting cement

Fuji I from GC:
GCʼs first glass ionomer luting cement

25 years of documented use in routine luting procedures

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Fuji I

Glass ionomer luting cement

The biocompatible, resin-free luting solution with 25 years of great clinical success.
Fuji I, GC’s first luting GI cement, is widely used across the world.
GC Fuji I is ideal for the luting of all kinds of metal-based and opaque Zirconia restorations and posts. It is an excellent option as well for cementation on implant abutments.
Advanced materials technology gives GC Fuji I many benefits over Zinc Phosphate and Polycarboxylate cements:
  • Chemical adhesion to tooth structure, ensuring an excellent marginal seal
  • A moisture-tolerant solution when a dry field cannot be assured
  • Quick and easy without the need for etching and bonding of the tooth
  • Rubbery consistency during setting for an easy removal of excesses
  • Resin-free cement for patients allergic to methacrylates
  • Virtually no post-operative sensitivity: a pulp-friendly solution
Instructions For Use I acknowledge that the below IFUs are provided solely for informative purposes. The only official instructions for use of the product remain those included in the product package.
ManualCleaning and Disinfection of teeth
Pre-treatment Guide Indirect Restorations
LeafletsLuting Family
Science and StudiesReferences
Safety Data SheetsPlease select your country in order to see the SDS that are relevant to you.
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Ordering Info
000136GC Fuji I, P/L Intro Package, 1-1 Pack
000134GC Fuji I, 35g Powder, Light Yellow
000135GC Fuji I, 20mL (25g) Liquid
000240GC Fuji I, 50 Capsules, Light Yellow
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