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New activation method

New activation method

for GCʼs capsulated restorative and luting materials

Fuji PLUS (EWT) from GC:The benchmark resin-modified glass ionomer cement

Fuji PLUS (EWT) from GC:
The benchmark resin-modified glass ionomer cement

When you are looking for confidence in luting

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Resin-modified glass ionomer cement

Fuji PLUS has been designed to offer you simple and error-free cementation procedures and a strong and durable bond you can rely on. The outstanding performance and the availability in various shades make GC Fuji PLUS a multi-purpose cement.

Fuji PLUS is a resin modified glass ionomer luting cement that has consistently delivered stress-free cementation for routine crown and bridge restorations.
It provides the highest level of confidence through exceptional long-term clinical results.

Fuji PLUSEWT has an extended working time for luting long-span bridge work, combination work and luting of several restorations in one step.
GC Fuji PLUS is multi-purpose and able to cement:
  • Metal-based, zirconia, alumina and resin restorations
  • Feldspathic and leucite-reinforced inlays
  • Lithium disilicate restorations, especially when perfect isolation canʼt be assured
  • Metal, ceramic, fibre post and cast post and cores
  • Chemical adhesion to tooth structure, ensuring an excellent marginal seal
  • A moisture-tolerant solution when a dry field cannot be assured
  • Quick and easy without a need for complicated bonding procedures
  • Rubbery consistency for easy removal of excess
  • Pulp-friendly with virtually no post-operative sensitivity
  • Proven and predictable performance for most routine cases
  • Also available in extended working time (EWT) version for long-span bridges
Instructions For Use I acknowledge that the below IFUs are provided solely for informative purposes. The only official instructions for use of the product remain those included in the product package.
ManualCleaning and Disinfection of teeth
Pre-treatment Guide Indirect Restorations
LeafletsFuji PLUS
Luting Family
Science and StudiesReferences
Safety Data SheetsPlease select your country in order to see the SDS that are relevant to you.
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Ordering Info
001409GC Fuji PLUS, Intro Package, Full Set, A3
000231GC Fuji PLUS, EWT, 15 g Powder, A3
000219GC Fuji PLUS, 15 g Powder, Yellow
001410GC Fuji PLUS, 15 g Powder, Translucent
001411GC Fuji PLUS, 15 g Powder, A3
000220GC Fuji PLUS, 7mL (8g) Liquid
000222GC Fuji PLUS, 50 Capsules, Yellow
001418GC Fuji PLUS, 50 Capsules, A3
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