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OPTIGLAZE color from GC:A light-cured characterization coating for indirect restorations

OPTIGLAZE color from GC:
A light-cured characterization coating for indirect restorations

Because everything looks better in COLOR

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Light-cured coating for indirect restorations

Are you looking for a simple solution to add characterisation to your everyday aesthetic creations?

Then OPTIGLAZE color will impress you because it adds colour, surface gloss and high wear resistance to all your restorations.
Ready to use, easy to handle and cutting on the polishing stage this product will save you valuable time.

You can choose from a wide variety of colours, both for internal and external characterisation, leading to perfect aesthetics.
The renowned nano-filler technology gives your restoration a high wear resistance, for long-lasting gloss with a high discolouration resistance.
The versatility of OPTIGLAZE color will impress you because it adds colour, surface gloss and high wear resistance to all your:
  • Composite crowns & bridges
  • Temporary resin crowns & bridges
  • Hybrid Ceramic crowns
  • Implant retained dentures
  • Acrylic permanently fixed implant bridges
  • Artificial teeth
OPTIGLAZE color features GC’s renowned nano-filler technology and is set apart by the following features & benefits: Time saving
  • Ready to use
  • Light-curing cuts polishing stage
  • Easy handling & application
Perfect aesthetics
  • A wide variety of colours available
  • Long-lasting gloss
  • Thin coating layer (25-50 μm)
Durable results
  • High wear resistance
  • Excellent bonding durability to a wide variety of polymer-based materials
  • High discolouration resistance
Instructions For Use I acknowledge that the below IFUs are provided solely for informative purposes. The only official instructions for use of the product remain those included in the product package.
ManualTechnique Card
LeafletsOPTIGLAZE color
Science and StudiesReferences
Safety Data SheetsPlease select your country in order to see the SDS that are relevant to you.
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Ordering Info
008408GC OPTIGLAZE color, set
008409GC OPTIGLAZE color A plus, 2.6mL
008410GC OPTIGLAZE color B plus, 2.6mL
008411GC OPTIGLAZE color C plus, 2.6mL
008412GC OPTIGLAZE color white, 2.6mL
008413GC OPTIGLAZE color ivory white, 2.6mL
008414GC OPTIGLAZE color yellow, 2.6mL
008415GC OPTIGLAZE color orange, 2.6mL
008416GC OPTIGLAZE color pink orange, 2.6mL
008417GC OPTIGLAZE color red brown, 2.6mL
008418GC OPTIGLAZE color olive, 2.6mL
008419GC OPTIGLAZE color grey, 2.6mL
008420GC OPTIGLAZE color blue, 2.6mL
008421GC OPTIGLAZE color lavender, 2.6mL
008422GC OPTIGLAZE color pink, 2.6mL
008423GC OPTIGLAZE color red, 2.6mL
008424GC OPTIGLAZE color clear, 5mL
008425GC OPTIGLAZE color clear HV, 5mL
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